The new CEREC Omnicam Scanning simplicity.

The new CEREC Omnicam
  • Unrivalled handling
  • Powder-free scanning
  • Precise 3D images in natural color
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Elegant design and easy handling are a winning combination.


Frequently asked questions and answers about the new CEREC Omnicam.

Will CEREC AC with CEREC Bluecam continue to be offered?

Yes, because CEREC Bluecam continues to be an outstanding camera, delivering highly precise restorations in a reliable manner.

What is the technical difference between CEREC Omnicam and CEREC Bluecam?

CEREC Omnicam: Continuous capturing of 3D color-scans produces a virtual 3D model. The imaging method of CEREC Omnicam "color streaming". The data is continuously gathered in a seamless scanning process. The result is a 3D model in natural color.

CEREC Bluecam: Individually captured images are computed into a virtual 3D model. In contrast, the process with CEREC Bluecam is “easier than taking photos" as the click will be done automatically. A 3D model is created by capturing a few individual images.

No. CEREC Omnicam is totally powder-free. It doesn’t need any coating.


  • No powdering
  • No cleansing the cavity
  • Simple scanning procedure saves time especially when scanning a full arch
  • Reduced learning curve

How do you take images with CEREC Omnicam compared to CEREC Bluecam?

The flowing movement of the camera is very easy. The Omnicam camera fits naturally in the hand like an instrument. Capturing scan data starts automatically. The user moves the camera slowly over the occlusal, buccal and lingual surfaces. The camera can be tilted up to 90° towards the buccal and lingual surfaces or oral and vestibular surfaces in the anterior region.

How precise is CEREC Omnicam compared to CEREC Bluecam?

Both cameras are fine tuned with the complete system (camera, software, material and milling machine). They generate comparable and highly precise clinical results.

Does Sirona Connect also function with CEREC Omnicam data?

Yes, CEREC AC with CEREC Omnicam is delivered with Sirona Connect SW 4.1.1

Can CEREC Omnicam be disinfected?

Yes, the removable sleeve can be sterilized by heat sterilization. The camera can be disinfected by wiping it with commercially available disinfectants. Excessive disinfectants and residues should of course be removed.

What is the range of indication of CEREC Omnicam?

Generally, CEREC Omnicam covers the same range of indications as CEREC Bluecam: inlays/onlays, partial crowns, crowns, veneers, up to four-unit temporary bridges and all Sirona Connect indications.

Is integrated implantology (CEREC meets GALILEOS) possible with the CEREC AC with Omnicam?

Yes, integrated implantology is supported and can also be operated with CEREC Omnicam.

Which open interfaces are available?

CEREC Omnicam impression data can be downloaded via Sirona Connect and processed in inLab SW 4.0.2. Then all inLab interfaces are available.

As a CEREC Club Member, will I receive the CEREC SW 4.04?

CEREC Software 4.04 is a customized software - only for the operation of CEREC Omnicam. Therefore it is shipped together with CEREC Omnicam only.

Each CEREC Omnicam user can of course become a member of  the CEREC Club and then enjoy all advantages of the Club.

Can CEREC with Bluecam be upgraded with Omnicam?

For trade-up offers please contact your Sirona Partner.