MC XL Milling Cabinet. Maximize the Beauty of Superior Technology.

Designed to increase your productivity, the CEREC® MC XL Milling Cabinet features self-retracting drawers with inserts for organizing all of the necessary CEREC® materials.

The CEREC® MC XL compartment is now equipped with a waterproof sliding surface cradled inside a powder coated steel top, with a shatter proof front window. With the locking feature, the CEREC® MC XL can be displayed proudly without concern for your valuable materials and supplies. The integrated ventilation system meets the strict conditions to keep your MC XL unit running smoothly and efficiently.

The optional casters give you the freedom to position your CEREC® MC XL Milling Cabinet and its contents at the optimal location in your office.

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient blocks and materials organization
  • Self-retracting drawers
  • Locking mechanism
  • Optional casters
  • Internal active ventilation

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