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CEREC Chairside Solutions


CEREC SpeedFire

CEREC SpeedFire is the smallest and fastest sintering furnace on the market and can sinter a crown in typically 10–15 minutes. The strengths of full contour zirconia can thus also be used for chairside treatment.

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Dry Milling

Dry milling saves a considerable amount of time, as the restoration does not need to be dried before sintering – thus enabling the chairside procedure.

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CEREC Zirconia – the right material for the CEREC Zirconia Workflow

CEREC Zirconia is a pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide available in 10 shades on the basis of the VITA Classic Shade Guide® and which requires no further liquid coloring.

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CEREC SpeedGlaze for a final high gloss finish

To give the restoration a high-gloss finish, it can be sprayed with the new CEREC SpeedGlaze. This dries quickly and is orange in color: visualization ensures that it is applied evenly.

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CEREC can do more than restorations

Many millions of CEREC restorations have been successfully performed worldwide over the past 30 years, allowing dentists to offer their patients the best treatment experiences and outcomes. CEREC's treatment spectrum is now expanded to three treatment areas: restorations, implant dentistry and orthodontics.

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CEREC variants – perfectly matched to your needs

CEREC is now available with CEREC Omnicam in several models: The compact, proven and mobile scanning unit, the CEREC AC (acquisition center), or as a "flexible tabletop unit," the CEREC AF (acquisition flex).

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