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CEREC Omnicam Calibration Data

The data is only available to users of CEREC AC with Omnicam.

Unzip the downloaded zip file (example on a stick and copy the two unzipped files (Calibration and CalibRegistry.exe) to a CEREC AC with Omnicam directory of your choice, e.g., "C:\Sirona" and double-click to start the file: "CalibRegistry.exe".

Enter the ID of your calibration set when prompted to do so. The calibration reference data for this calibration set is then available on this CEREC AC with Omnicam for the calibration of your CEREC Omnicam.

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Below you will find links to CEREC-related websites with valuable information for new, current, and prospective CEREC users.

Material Partners
3M Lava™ Ultimate Block Information


International Society of Computerized Dentistry Society for Dental Ceramic

The following websites are only available in German

German Society of Computerized Dentistry
Society for Dental Ceramic

Sirona Websites ... with CEREC videos, commercials, and useful tips and tricks

CEREC-Website for the USA

Website with user videos on Sirona products

Website describing the  integrated implantology  process with videos and information about making implants with CEREC.

Recommendable after sales websites... with extensive information on CEREC and trainings
Website of Dr. Elmar Frank, Dr. Sigrid Frank and Dr. Gerhard Werling
Website of Dr. Armen Mirzayan and Dr. Sameer Puri
Website of Dr. James Klim
Website of Dr. James Klim
Website of Dr. Alessandro Devigus
Website of Chris Leinweber

Useful CEREC-related websites
Website of the Center for Tooth-Colored & Computerized Restorations at Zurich University

CAD/CAM in research and science

"Digital dentistry in research and science” Article of Roland Felber, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

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