Findings-oriented work

In GALAXIS, findings can be marked directly in the x-ray volume and automatically saved. On opening a data set again, you immediately see the individual findings and can call up the originally saved view (slice selection and positions, brightness and contrast settings) by simply double clicking.

With this particularly time- and cost-effective solution, even large volumes such as those associated with GALILEOS are kept clear and you don't have to search within the data set when opening the volume.


With the REPORTER software, you can create radiological reports quickly and easily, which you can then print out either on film or paper, send as a digital viewer with findings or export in pdf or DICOM format.

Referral functions Benefit from a referrer network!

You can make your practice even more profitable through a referrer network and ensure that your 3D x-ray unit is better utilized and pays for itself sooner. Your options range from the simple creation of 3D x-ray images to complete diagnostic services. The demands are different, depending on whether a referrer owns software that is able to import the 3D images for the diagnosis or whether he wants to use your services for the findings as well.

With the software solutions from Sirona, data exchange is simple and convenient

  • The Wrap&Go Viewer lets you easily send the x-ray data set to your colleagues. The complete findings and, where relevant, implant planning are also supplied in the transfer.
  • Using DICOM Export, you can make the data set available for use in 3rd party software solutions.
  • With the optional REPORTER software, you can generate findings-oriented reports, which you can save as a pdf, send via e-mail, or print.